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"Having heard the CDs I had no idea what to expect as a live show, but it bloody works. The sound is MASSIVE." Jon Gomm

"Completely wonderful solo acoustic loop-based music." Mike Keneally (guitarist Frank Zappa, Joe Satriani, Steve Vai, Ulver)

"Brilliant" RM Hubbert

Lucid was Guitar Player Magazine Editor's Album Of The Month for June 2014.

"The award winning guitarist delivers 11 pulsating instrumentals....thrilling, challenging work."

Acoustic Magazine

"This is no shrinking violet of a record...and an endearing vulnerability sets this virtuoso apart."

Classic Rock magazine 8/10

"Big, ambitious and a definite step up"

Rock-A-Rolla Magazine.

"Hopefully fans of Stevens previous work will laud Lucid for the artistic boldness it represents"

Prog Magazine

"Matt Stevens is one of the most fully engaged, artistically courageous recording artists currently active, and this album is his most ambitiously conceived, rigorously realised, and emotionally powerful release to date."

Oliver Arditi

"With Lucid, Matt has shown he has 20/20 vision where his personal musical journey is concerned. In a world where the majority of bands and performers are far too easily inclined to take the safe route, it is refreshing to know that there are true artists around like Matt Stevens who will, one hopes, never be satisfied with what they have achieved and who will always be striving to explore the boundless worlds of musical possibility."


"There are plenty of instrumental guitar based albums released each year that are all flash and no substance, but Lucid certainly isn't one of them. Matt Stevens is a talent you should definitely check out if you haven't already. Often instrumental rock can be lacking but with Lucid this is clearly not the case. Stevens has made an adventurous album and his guitar playing absolutely shines throughout. I for one cannot wait to hear what he releases next."

Sea Of Tranquility

"Matt Stevens has been one of the more interesting, innovative and genre-busting artists in the contemporary progressive scene for a while now, and this album sees him raise his game to a new level."

Tim Hall

"If there is any justice in the world, Lucid will bring Matt Stevens to a much larger audience. He has stepped daringly away from his usual sound to bring us this loud, accessible, post-rock creation which marries a heftier, Jesu-influenced sound to his usual Fripp-eries. Check this one out.""

Midlands Rocks

"Like everything its creator touches, Lucid is a very interesting and brave work. "

"Lucid is a huge album, with guests that include Pat Mastelotto (King Crimson) on drums and Jem Godfrey (Frost) and Emmett Elvin (Chrome Hoof, Guapo) on keyboards, among others. By the same token, it covers a huge amount of ground and begs for more than one listen. Forgo the headphones and let this one shake the house."

Alarm Press

"Stevens is blessed with an innate melodicism which finds its way to the surface no matter how convoluted or occluded the settings and arrangements may be. It's a talent that lends his music an accessibility others would give their right hand for. That he does so without compromising any of his adventurous inclinations is no mean feat."

Sid Smith

"It's mainly instrumental and it fits in nicely with guitar experimental artists like Hella, Marnie Stern, Kaki King, and bands like Explosions In The Sky and June of 44. But unlike those people, Stevens isn't afraid to go BIG into his arrangements; this is what American post-rock would sound like if they weren't afraid to indulge their progressive rock side.""


"Can we see Matt Stevens as a guitar hero? Not in the way regular shred monsters are labelled. I guess Matt's playing is more focused on the compositions than to showing off his technical skills on the six string, but then again, guitar players like Robert Fripp, Adrian Belew and Reeves Gabrel usually never get chosen as the ultimate guitarist in polls. In my opinion Matt Stevens can compete with those three impressive musicians, and I would like to see him open for one of the re-incarnations of King Crimson or one of the ProjeKts. It would take him one step further in his career, I guess, ... and one well deserved step!"

Background Magazine

"In short, if you're looking for delicate guitar work to grounded experimental moments to massive post-rock epics, this album really has it all. It pushes boundaries, experiments freely, and as much as that might scare a few people off, it should also bring Stevens a whole new appreciation within the business."

Anne Carlini

"Nothing short of an amazing musical journey and the question is why the heck isn't Matt Stevens a more well known name? Here's hoping this album gets him the exposure and success his music deserves."

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"An effortless display of cleverly arranged and resourceful playing....(an) acoustic masterclass" Classic Rock Presents Prog (live review June 2011)

"A one man guitar orchestra" Acoustic Magazine UK

"His music is increasingly hard to ignore: A singular voice speaking a new language and getting the message across with skill and fierce intelligence...frequently takes the breath away" Classic Rock Presents Prog   

"The most innovative guitar instrumentalist since John Fahey" 

Unwashed Territories 

"a work of beauty and genius, which is why I'd strongly encourage you to listen to the whole bloody thing."

"Matt Stevens is ever, ever so good at the guitar....His looped guitar lines add a spacey, almost epic atmosphere to the acoustic, psych-folk strummings that form up the bulk of the music......A faultless record, out now…" AAA Music

"his consequent growth and development as a musician are in evidence on this beautiful and well judged recording, which is, for my money, his best release yet."

"Matt Stevens is one of the most talented, poignant guitarists on the current scene" Bobetbagundang

"His two past full-lengths have resulted in a significant online following, who are bound to swoon over his third album, Relic... Stevens' technical skills are breathtaking, but it's his songwriting and infusion of various genres that separates him from other guitar-based instrumentalists"  Obscure


"Ghost is a phenomenal piece of work that has already garnered countless frothing plaudits within the online prog and post-rock firmament. Wholly instrumental and insanely inventive.. an internet phenomena in the making. "Classic Rock Presents Prog

"(A)quirky, inventive, mostly upbeat, and entirely delightful instrumental album...While the music occupies its own creative zone, I found myself free associating names such as Brian Eno, John Martyn, Tom Verlaine, Anthony Phillips, Yo La Tengo, Steve Tibbetts, and even Radiohead while listening" Guitar Player Magazine US

"a poster child for the digital revolution that has taken over his country and much of the world in the past 10 years....Stevens' passion for music creates a poignant and moving expression in every composition that he delivers" Alarm press magazine
"A seriously amazing album, this will f**king move you, seriously SERIOUSLY brilliant! Go and listen to it, I WILL be checking!"Nick Tann Is This Thing On Podcast

"(Instrumental rock) music brought forward some 50 years thru the filter of metal & punk & electronica (not to mention bebop & baroque).The music itself-is genre defying: one hears rock (in several of its incarnations) & jazz & funk & classical & Latin. Stevens, whose guitar artistry is matched by his compositional skills, welds these disparate elements into a coherent whole."Robertfrostsbanjo

"Very cool. Like Tom Verlaine and Robert Fripp got together for a jam" Telegenisis
"a poster child for the digital revolution that has taken over his country and much of the world in the past 10 years....Stevens' passion for music creates a poignant and moving expression in every composition that he delivers" Alarm press magazine

"It's abundantly apparent that Stevens has a special command over the guitar but he favours enticing, carefully crafted tracks over self-indulgent embellishment. The result is an album baring that all-encompassing, cinematic sound which draws you in without the need to utter a word." I Caught You a Delicious Bass

"a multi-layered, dreamlike sound that's reminiscent of Radiohead and Sigur Ros" PH Balanced

"This is another amazing piece of work! I truly, truly love it, Matt plays with rhythm and melody as only someone who's mastered them and knows the rules can break those rules at will. Personally, I LOVE this kind of stuff!"Six String Bliss Podcast

"This is a unique album coming from a unique musician and one i would seriously implore anyone to experience it."Music Mafia UK

"Matt Stevens an all-too-rare surprise in the crowded but heartfelt DIY field of musicians...Ghostis, fittingly, a haunting and dreamlike piece of work. The exploration of sound and melody that takes place on this record is absorbing"I Hear Sparks

"Standout tracks are "Into the Sea", "Eleven" "8:19" and "Ghost", though this is merely a matter of preference as all that you encounter here is brimming with melody and invention. Truly enjoyable in every aspect " Finnbros

"Stevens has made a record that is as approachable, inviting and warm every bit as much as The Fierce & the Dead are powerful, intelligent and … commanding … ."Mr Atavist

"Ghost is a far more mature, multi-faceted release, which sees him finding his true artistic and creative voice, integrating influences more fluidly and satisfactorily and if he maintains this creative purple patch, provides a platform for even greater achievements to come. "Stumpy Bunker

"inventive acoustic guitar with latino-jazz rhythms and melodies that push the compositional envelope. If you like acoustic-based jazz fusion, Frippertronics or Gypsy guitar, you'll loveGhost!" USA Prog Music