Short Discography:


Matt Stevens - Parks EP 2007 (Spencer Park Music)

Matt Stevens - Echo 2008 (Spencer Park Music)

Matt Stevens - Ghost 2010 (Spencer Park Music)

Matt Stevens - Relic 2011 (Spencer Park Music)

Matt Stevens - Lucid 2014 (Esoteric Recordings/Cherry Red)


With The Fierce And The Dead 

Fierce And The Dead - Part 1 EP 2010 (Spencer Park Music)

Fierce And The Dead- If It Carries On Like This We Are Moving To Morecambe 2011 (Spencer Park Music)

Fierce And The Dead - On VHS EP 2012 (Spencer Park Music)

Fierce And The Dead - Spooky Action 2013 (Bad Elephant Music)


Fierce And The Dead - Magnet EP (Bad Elephant Music) 

Notable Collaborations/Guest Appearances:

Cosmograf - Capacitor 2014 (Bandcamp)

Cosmograf - Man Left In Space 2013 (Bandcamp)

Shineback - Rise Up Forgotten, Return Destroyed 2013 (Bad Elephant Music)

Emmett Elvin - Bloody Marvels 2014 (Bad Elephant Music)

Nine Stones Close - 2013 One Eye On The Sunrise (Nine Stones Close)

Detailed Discography (incomplete):

90's/Early 2000's

Various demos with Lair (thrash metal in the style of Voivod/Celtic Frost)/Monochrome (indie rock)/Mendoza (indie/punk)....



Trinovantes - Trinovantes (deleted)

Track Listing - Peace By Piece, Travelling, Symmetrical, Ten Years Gone, Majestic, Highway, Burn, Unrelease Her, Talk Talk

No longer available, although there is a review here. Sometimes shows up on Ebay.


Matt Stevens

Matt Stevens - Parks EP

Burning Bandstands, Jubilee, Spencer Park (Live) Flies In The Basement (live), Cactus Head

SOLD OUT (They go for around £30 on Ebay)


Matt Stevens

Matt Stevens - Echo

Track Listing - Burning Bandstands, Airships, Drama In The Coals, Flies In The Basement, Snow Part 3, Chasing The Sun, Spencer Park, West Green, Jubilee, Dolls House


Fierce And The Dead

Fierce & The Dead - Part 1 EP

Part 1 (19 minute long song)

Matt Stevens

Matt Stevens - Ghost

Track Listing -Into The Sea,Big Sky, Eleven, Draw, Burnt Out Car Lake Man, Glide, 8.19. Ghost, Moondial

Matt Stevens - Esoteric

Out takes and B-Sides. Download Only, no longer available.

Matt Stevens - The European Perspective Sessions

Track Listing -8.19 (European Perspective Sessions Version), Rusty (European Perspective Sessions Version), Scapegoat (European Perspective Sessions Version), Moondial (European Perspective Sessions Version),Big Sky (European Perspective Sessions Version), Burning Bandstands (European Perspective Sessions Version) (bonus track)

Radio sessions, now deleted.

Matt Stevens - Song For Dan

Track Listing - Song For Dan, Theme From Daddies Little Helper (Dedicated to the memory of Dan Wilson).

Matt Stevens - Live At Cafe Noodle (Bootleg)

Track Listing -Dolls House, 8.19, Scapegoat, Spencer Park,Big Sky,Celebrated Summer (bonus), Burning Bandstands, Get Carter (bonus).

Limited Free Download for people who donated to the MS Society. Deleted.

Matt Stevens - Live At Islwyn Acoustic Guitar Club (Bootleg)

Track Listing - Rusty, Burning Bandstands, Spencer Park, Flies In The Basement,Dolls House, Scapegoat, Big Sky(Featuring Alun Vaughan) (Free Christmas Download).


Sonny - Better Late Than Never

Matt plays on two tracks on this album. Electric guitars on 'Friendly Fire' and 'Make You Feel Good'


Fierce And The Dead

Fierce And The Dead - If It Carries On Like This We Are Moving To Morecambe

Track Listing - Flint, Part 2, The Wait, H.R.Hotel No.6, Landcrab, Daddies Little Helper. Woodchip, 10x10, Andy Fox

Fierce And The Dead - 10x10 (Single)

Track Listing - 10 x 10, Foreign Languages.

Matt Stevens

Matt Stevens - Live In Blackpool

Track Listing

Matt Stevens - Relic CD Digipacks available here.

Matt Stevens - Silent Night (single)


Yonks - Alpha EP

Yonks - Marduk EP

Yonks - Zad EP

Various Artists

VA - Spencer Park Label Sampler 2011

VA - Believers Roast presents The Central Element (CD)

VA - Prog Magazine Cover Mount CD

VA - R2 Magazine Cover Mount CD

VA - Classic Rock Society Cover Mount CD


Fierce And The Dead

Fierce And The Dead - On VHS EP

Track Listing - 666...6, On VHS, Hawaii, Part 3

(First recording with Steve Cleaton on guitar)

Various Artists

Spencer Park Music Sampler 2012

Stabbing A Dead Horse EP

Features tracks by Fierce And The Dead, Knifeworld, Trojan Horse and a promo by DJ/Snooker Player Steve Davis.

VA - Prog Magazine Cover Mount CD

VA - Classic Rock Society Cover Mount CD

VA - Singularity

VA - Hope For Japan

Features the song Talker by Matt Stevens and Kevin Feazey.

Nine Stones Close

Nine Stones Close - One Eye On The Sunrise

Matt plays a guitar solo on the song Frozen Moment.


Leibowitz - The Beginning of the Endless Search for Oblivion

Matt plays the first guitar solo on the song The Fist


Cosmograph - The Vacuum That I Fly Through, from the album 'The Man Left in Space'

Shineback - Rise Up Forgotten, Returned Destroyed - Bedlam Days, Here Come The Envoys and Rise Up

Fierce And The Dead - Spooky Action


Matt Stevens - Lucid (Esoteric/Cherry Red

Cosmograph - Capacitor

Nine Stones Close - Forthcoming album

Emmett Elvin - Forthcoming album

The Dust Vortex - Forthcoming album